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Our Farm 

Kazleesha is currently running on a 212 acre farm approx 15kms from Cowra township. 

Bucks lazy acres.jpg

The farm is primarily native pasture and browse which the goats love and fenced using ringlock fencing. All of our goats are fence trained and handled in sheep yards. 

Bucks lazy acres.jpg
Jack paddock.jpg
Goats broula mob.jpg

Our animals are supplementary fed grain when needed but are raised predominantly on native  pasture and browse. Our goats are in large paddocks and graze all day everyday. They are supplied with mineral lick blocks on a free range basis.

Our animals are handled when needed  and do have both natural shelter belts and shed shelters in each paddock.

Our show team is selected each year from our main herd and receive only additional 

supplement feed and lead training before entering the show ring. 

Jack paddock.jpg
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